As a creative admin intern at Quicken Loans in the summer of 2018, I worked on a variety of digital and print projects for the technology team.

The first project shown is called a Deployment Success Pyramid. It displays the 4 modes of contact, solution design, and blurry vs. visible solutions. The circular illustration that shows the four modes of illustration was condensed into the 3D pyramid to put on the desks of every employee of the Technology Team.

The second project is a laptop sticker assembled to be put on everyone's laptops on the team.

The third project was the Infinit sub team logo. This logo is put on the team's email signatures, on the internal website platforms, print, and in presentations.

The final logos show a variety of other misc. work that I tackled throughout the internship. They are logos for different sub-teams of Technology and convey their purposes.

Every project is branded within the Quicken Loan's color wheel guide.

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