I am a graphic design assistant at the Deans of Students Office. I work on a variety of projects and campaigns that are distributed throughout the university through print, web, and social media. I design the building displays, monthly calendars, table tents, banner, take the photos for the student events going on campus. The best part of my job is to get to be creative while still working with a university's identity guidelines. Shown on this page is a wide variety of projects that I have worked on.

Guest One-card print passes that will be distibuted to students through Student Senate begining Fall 2019.

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I was given the task to create marketing for a drag show coming up with access to photos of the drag queens and a request to make the poster stick with the WSU identity, but also something different then we usually do. I photoshopped the drag queens (and kings), cutrains, and background out in Photoshop, illustrated the sign on the top, and played with the typography. I got my inspiration from looking at other drag queen posters on Pinterest and Google. This was a very fun project because I got to work more in Photoshop instead of InDesign. The poster was used on social media platforms and printed to distribute throughout campus.

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The Mid-America College Health Association needed a logo for their conference that is going to be at Wayne State University this year that communicated the "green light" to wellness. The "save the date" postcard was sent out to all who are attending the meeting in October. 

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This project was to create a logo for engagement navigators (where students can learn more about student organizations and how to use the Get Involved website platform) and to use the program Camtasia to create "how-to" videos. I had also to re-design the student organization resource page on the Wayne State website.

Alternative Spring Break is a program where students go around Detroit and volunteer at local areas. They needed an infographic for students to get involved with the program, and a map of Detroit and pins of the destinations they were going according to the itinerary.


Building displays at 24 x 36 posters that are printed and put all around campus in the most popular buildings.